domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011

Cathedral-Mosque of Cordoba for architects (V): Almanzor

Almanzor enlargement over current floorplan.

Almanzor used next enlargement to demonstrates his power on the court. It almost doubled formr Mosque size against any building evolutionary logic. The expansion took place laterally, ignoring mirhab axis used in other enlargements. Once again, the building got a neutral and isotropic space.

Floorplan of Almanzor Mosque

However, architects sought a continuity with previous building, and divided the new enlargement by continuing Abderrahman II quibla wall. This led to a wall cross intersection that provided an orientation into columns forest.

Transverse section of Almanzor enlargement.

Access to Almanzor enlargement

Architects were able to create a subtle transition from one space to another through old wall by thick horseshoe arches supported by columns. Although the architectural elements lost in delicacy, they gain in unity through their abstract synthesis.

Arcades in Almanzor enlargement

After this enlargement there won't be substantial modifications until 15th century.

Lecture taught at Notre Dame School of Architecture in South Bend, Indiana (USA), January 26, 2011.

Author: Pablo Álvarez Funes

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