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Palladio in Spain (IV): Palladian echoes in El Escorial (IV)

3.- Thermal Windows

Top of central nave and choir imitates Roman baths architecture with ten large clerestory windows. They are semicircular, with a vertical divisions that mark three lights on each, resembling Roman Baths windows and vaults built after Trajan and which appear in ancient Rome Palladian studies.

Longitudinal section of the Church in an engraving from 1694

As in Gothic architecture, a wide corridor over entablature is opened in the wall thickness, allowing movement throughout the building necessary for maintenance and fire protection.

In addition to Roman examples, we find are examples of thermal arcs on Villa Thiene (1543) and Villa Foscari (1558), as well as Palladian churches such as Il Redentore (1570) and San Giorgio Maggiore (1576), although they do not appear in Il Quattro Libri.

Villa Pisani Bagnolo, from Isaac Ware edition of "I Quatro Libri"(1738)

Villa Zeno, from Isaac Ware edition of "I Quatro Libri"(1738) 

Garden façade of Villa Foscari. 

Il Redentore. 

Lecture taught at Notre Dame School of Architecture in South Bend, Indiana (USA), June 11, 2011.

Author: Pablo Álvarez Funes

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